About Us Family Owned and operated since 1939

In 1939, Carl and Mary "Mayme" Risch purchased the present 7 acres and started a truck garden operation with a horse and buggy from which the sold a variety of vegetables.

Carl married Betty Renner in 1940 and both the business and their family continued to grow over the next several years as they had four children: Vic, Anna, Chuck and Paul.

As 1950 rolled around the Risch family began selling pansies and tomato plants from hot beds. This was the beginning of Risch Greenhouses.

In 1997 the Greenhouse was renamed "Meridian St. Greenhouse" under the ownership of Marty and Sally Meyer and Mike and Toni Humes.

This fine family owned business continues it's tradition of growing high quality plants for retail and wholesale year round!
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